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Brooklyn Mask-Low Minimum

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Made in the USA.  Three Layer Construction. Soft and Breathable Fabric.  Material: 3 Ply 95% Polyester 5% Cotton.  Washable and Reusable. One Size Fits Most Adults. 

Washing instructions: Hand washing in cold water is recommended.  If machine washed, use gentle cycle and color water.  For best results, hang dry. 

NOT RATED by NIOSH or OSHA. DO NOT use in industrial or medical settings. DO NOT use for gases or vapors. The face mask does not remove all risks of contracting any disease or infection. Because conditions of use and handling may vary and are beyond our control, we make no representation about, and are not responsible or liable for performance of this product. Please refer to the current Centers for Disease Control and other government guidelines on the use of face masks

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